Congratulations Dad Van!

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than four months since we set up this contest - six if you include the prep time talking to theaters and getting this beautiful Squarespace site ready. For us, the most exciting part of this whole process has been seeing the incredible improv talent across the country, and we hope to get even more cities involved next time we do this. But at long last, it’s time to reveal the winner of the first ever contest4improv4humans!

In a hard-won fight, Dan Van from St. Louis has emerged victorious! Congrats to Rafe Williams, Eric Christensen, Ben Lyons and Melissa Darch from Dad Van, and The Improv Shop for putting these great sets on. Thanks as well to 297 1/2 Sq. Ft. Of Hurricane, Victrola, and all of the teams and theaters who participated this year.

If you’re in NYC, check out Dad Van at this year’s Del Close Marathon, where they will be performing their own solo set and as part of a live improv4humans. And keep on listening to the improv4humans podcast to hear the greatest improvisers in the universe perform every week.

Thanks everyone, and keep being humon!